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Copycats, Stickybeaks and Scallywags, Our Children All

Kids don’t fail school, Schools fail kids

A nation’s future is built on its children, for they are the decision makers of tomorrow, the citizens who will take their rightful place in their nation’s day-to-day operations, for better or worse. The historic model for training and teaching and influencing our children has been our education system that has responded to the changing world as it has evolved, but often too slowly, leaving many behind as it has not been able to adjust its delivery to meet the needs of its changing clientele. So much more is now known about how brains operate and how unique all children are. It would seem to be common sense that if we decided to educate our young for the future of our country that it may first be important to study the traits of those whom we wish to teach. Who are these children we commonly call pupils or students or learners? They are simply copycats, stickybeaks, and scallywags, our children all.