About the Book

Copycats, Stickybeaks and Scallywags, Our Children All

Kids don’t fail school, Schools fail kids

This book challenges all those who perpetuate an education system found wanting, propose a viable highly successful learning alternative within the current education structure, and offer a vision for the nation’s long-term future built on the resources of an incredibly rich and diverse country, equitably distributed so all can succeed and participate.

In section 1, Bruce L Jones outlines the current state of the nation’s education policies  defining what we know to be the best course our leaders could follow but how they have chosen to put their own political ambitions first, using our schools for their own political ends, enhancing inequity across the nation with Parent Choice just part of their package.

In section 2, he shows the proven advantages children have when learning in stages, not chronologically aged grades; in multi-age classrooms, not in traditional lockstep classrooms. He provides many practical strategies for teachers and parents in making that change, a proven system of the 1970s and 1980s that has now regressed to the thinking of the 1960s, but with technology, a national curriculum, and NAPLAN adding to the complexity of school, when neoliberalism with economic rationalism became the rule. In section 3, instead of thrashing about and trying to offer solutions to the myriad of problems our schools face—teacher training, discipline, parent education, promotional opportunities, inequity, feminization of the profession, Parent Choice, the list is endless—he has chosen to offer a complete reform model, a restructure of the nation’s education system for all of our citizens, for all of our futures, to dare to start all over again. His model is a complete rethink about what schools should do and could do if they were to be restructured from the very start, using each and every government agency with a child-focus in their portfolio to be integral for the reform.